It’s been a while..

I haven’t wrote anything other than essays in a long time now. I used to have a ‘blog’ back in 2011 that I only half used and ended up leaving it to rot with just a few posts.

Honestly, I think I’ve only ever wrote personal blogs or journal type posts when I’ve been going through something I now in my older self recognize as an identity crisis of sorts. Usually it’s been around the same time as I’ve come out of long term relationship or some other serious business.

Things have changed in just about every possible way since I last ‘blogged’. I’m no longer stuck in one dead end job or another like I was since leaving college. I’ve been in a steady relationship for over 4 years now. I went back to education and got myself a legit degree and I’m hoping to upgrade that to a masters degree from a BSc. I’m finally doing what I enjoy for a career (eventually anyway) even though it’s later in life than I’d imagined. I’m hitting 30 next year and I’ve been lucky enough to have enough time over the past three years or so to work out who I am, mostly anyway.

Which leads me to this. What is this? Really I couldn’t tell you right now, I guess I’ve got to that point in life where I feel like I need to start writing shit down. Luckily these days it’s more about stuff that interests me or I legitimately want to talk about rather than ranting (that’s not to say there won’t be any rants here though). I’m taking it as I go.

You probably don’t know me, but maybe I’ll end up talking about something we both agree on.


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